Development of Logistics Excellence

Results of the project
Tikkurila has created strong link from SC Strategy into actions. Tikkurila has recognized and capitalized logistics costs savings during the process. The whole exercise was driven by the customer needs.

Background and contents of the project

In the first learning phase PlaNet Logistics helped Tikkurila to define optimal logistics network for one specific market area. A cost-based tool (Oracle Strategic Network Optimization) was used in to optimize warehouse and distribution structure. Tikkurila gained valuable knowledge during the process.

In the second learning phase PlaNet Logistics facilitated a logistics training  for Tikkurila  Group  logistics managers. Training included (theoretical) strategic, customer service and operative sessions, as well as excursions to selected benchmark companies.

Tikkurila especially valued reflective homeworks, groupworks and excursions. Direct feedback from one participant: “It`s a good logistics community you made!”