Supply Chain Management and Optimization Services

We have strong references in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and manufacturing industry.


We have strong references in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and manufacturing industry. Good results are based on a profound understanding of E2E supply chain, your production and logistics environment. Agility and reliability of supply chains have lifted their importance during the last years unexpected global events and ambitiously set sustainability targets.

Our clients’ delivery quality, corporate social responsibility, profitability and supply chain management have improved significantly as a result of common processes with our consultants. Global and e-commerce supply chains have been on our agenda during the latest development projects. We are more than happy to share and further develop ideas of themes that interest you the most. Please feel free to contact us personally. Our aim is to map with you the best routes towards better sustainability and profitability.


Case Hartwall

Development of production and distribution structure

Results of the project:

Total effect of several projects has lead to optimization of production and supply chain as well as significant cost savings. Implemented improvements  accomplish well Hartwall’s strategy of environmental responsibility and have gained clear environmental benefits by reduced CO2-emissions.


Case Karelia

Development of production control

Results of the project:

Final goods inventory  was reduced by more than 50% while service-level remained unchanged.


Overall improvement of profitability

CEO of Honkarakenne Plc in Financial Statement Release:

” Honkarakenne’s net result for the entire year was good, considering the circumstances. The Group launched the improvement programme with the objective to attain annual cost savings of EUR 5 million. The impact of the improvement programme and the measures taken to expedite sales, which were implemented simultaneously, was EUR 5.1 million, meaning that the financial objectives of the improvement programme were realised.”