Musti Group is the largest pet product chain in Scandinavia. Musti Group's wide product assortment offers food and supplies for everyday wellbeing of pets.

Global Supply Chain Solutions for E-commerce and Store Logistics

Results of the project
Musti Group is implementing Supply Chain Master Plan which ensures profitable growth and excellent service level. During the process Musti Group has taken into use new central warehouse. E-commerce and store logistics global supply chain network has been reorganised.

Background and contents of the project

Musti Group grows strongly in pet wellbeing sector. The goal of the company is to have extensive store network in Scandinavia where it operates with Musti ja Mirri, Arken Zoo and Musti store brands. In the short term Musti Group’s store network has trippled and e-commerce has grown very rapidly.

PlaNet Logistics has served as Musti Group supply chain expert in changing business environment. Store deliveries and online business logistical service model as well as global supply chain network structure is optimized by minimizing costs and emissions.

In the project implementation phase PlaNet Logistics supported Musti Group in the new central warehouse operations change management. Logistics operators SC performance ability in online consumer deliveries were also analysed.

Musti Group project taskforce has been extremely satisfied with co-operation. PlaNet Logistics constant ability to challenge and test Supply Chain has always led to new development projects.