Supply Chain Management and Optimization Services

In more than 300 projects we have developed concrete
and innovative solutions by which significant cost
savings have been achieved.


Supply Chain Management and Optimization

Significant competitive edge can be gained from sustainability, delivery quality, risk and cost holistic optimization. The objective of the service is to optimize supply chain network structure and prioritize needed actions.

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Supply Chain Process and Material Flow Steering

We study alternative production models, analyse facility material flows and generate order-delivery development Master Plans. Our best practice project management model gets full commitment from key parties and stakeholders to ensure successful implementation.


Implementation of Change and Measurement

We develop and speed up Supply Chain visual and interactive management processes. Our services include development of current reporting or transformation to PlaNet BI Business Intelligence services. We help our clients to brace for turbulent market situations and to reach for their SC targets. We train our clients to simulate and plan alternative tactics for different delivery channels.


Our Working Method

PlaNet Logistics ”Main Street”-process ensures that the project is supporting customer’s goals. A solution is created with customer leading to fast implementation.

  1. Analysis of current operations
  2. Evaluation & conclusions
  3. Forming of solutions
  4. Implementation
  5. Measuring results & evaluation

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Planet Logistics is an End-to-end Supply Chain solutions focused consultant company. We are pioneers in operations profitability, sustainability and service quality optimization. Together with our over 300 clients we have analyzed and created innovative and efficient SC solutions in every continent on a global as well as local level. Our main goal is to transfer and share our competence with our clients and learn in every step of our common path. We want to genuinely excite our clients and build commitment for a constant change mindset.