Overall improvement of profitability

Results of the project

CEO of Honkarakenne Plc in Financial Statement Release:

” Honkarakenne’s net result for the entire year was good, considering the circumstances. The Group launched the improvement programme with the objective to attain annual cost savings of EUR 5 million. The impact of the improvement programme and the measures taken to expedite sales, which were implemented simultaneously, was EUR 5.1 million, meaning that the financial objectives of the improvement programme were realised.”


Background and content of the project

Goal of the project was to develop profitability of the entire company as the new management launched improvement programme ’Savotta’ in beginning of 2010. Planet Logistics acted as a consultant in different sub-projects of improvement programme ’Savotta’:

Expert for management team and co-operative negotiation process


Development of the supply chain

Design, product portfolio, complaint management

Enhancement of production and enterprice resource planning