Fida Second Hand Shops earnings support humanitarian work in the developing countries. Fida makes a difference in the lives of about 1,5 million people.

Inhouse Logistics Excellence Through Staff Commitment

Results of the project
Fida project group and PlaNet Logistics planned and executed new operational model in Fida sorting centre.  Sorting center staff had active key role in the project. Unique way of operations was taken into use quickly. Work satisfaction, ergonomy and sorting efficiency has significantly improved as a result of the changes

Background and contents of the project

Fida is getting ready for future growing sorting volumes. PlaNet Logistics participated Fida´s staff to develop sorting center big picture, processes and work stations in the project planning phase.

Fida project group and PlaNet Logistics steered multiple party execution task force in the project implementation phase. Benefits were realised quickly with successful piloting and implementation.

As a result of PlaNet Logistics project working methods Fida staff commitment grew strongly during the project. Straightforward feedback: “Implemented project has been the best consulting experience of my career!”