Implementation of Change and Measurement

We develop and speed up Supply Chain visual and interactive management processes.

PlaNet BI -
Supply Chain Business Intelligence

Several of our clients have implemented PlaNet BI service. PlaNet BI Business Intelligence service will enable interactive and efficient SC operations management.

Supply Chain Management
  • E2E SC Cost-to-Serve visibility by functions, client segments and areas
  • Savings potential, sales opportunities and emission targets identification
  • Benchmarking of key stakeholders
Supply Chain Tactical Actions and Strategy Development
  • Volume, service level and cost simulation
  • Production and logistics network optimization
PlaNet BI Applications
  • SC Optimization and Supply Chain Management
  • Material Flow Management
  • Production Planning
  • Productivity of Capital and Work
PlaNet BI Implementation
  • Integration to client data sources
  • 3rd party data sources integration
  • Data processing to visual information
SC Management Execution
  • PlaNet BI user training and support
  • Data updating, analysis and conclusions